1916Born, Vienna, Austria.
1934Graduated from Realgymnasium, Vienna.
 Attended art classes at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna.
 Studied sculpture with Fritz Wotruba, Vienna.
 Studied drawing and painting in Vienna and Prague with Friedl Dicker.
 The pedagogic methods of the Bauhaus' have been formative in the artist's
 development and remain an essential element of her understanding of the
 visual arts. However, her style has remained consistently representational.
 Personal expression remains subordinate to the task of interpreting the
 subject with respectful comprehension.
1938Arrived as a refugee in the United States; Citizenship 1944.
 Continued to pursue the practice of art in the United States.
A.T.R.Honorary Life Membership (1971)
1973 - 2005Adjunct Professor of Art Therapy, Graduate Art Therapy Program,
 New York University
1972 - 2000Assistant Professor, Graduate Art Therapy Program,
 George Washington University
1995 (April -May) Artist in Residence, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia
1996Honorary Doctorate of Art Therapy, Worwich University, VT
1999Lectures & Workshops on Art therapy, Moskow & St. Petersburg
 (Sponsored by Austrian Embassy Moskow)
1977 - 1983Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein Medical College
1974 - 1978Consultant in Art Therapy, Albert Einstein College of Medicine,
 Department of Child Psychiatry, Bronx, NY
1963 - 1974Art Therapist, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Child
 Psychiatry, Bronx, NY
1964 - 1974Art Therapist, Guild School of the Jewish Guild for the Blind, New York, NY
1968 - 1971Instructor, Supervisor, Art Therapy Program, Hahnemann Medical College,
 Philadelphia, PA
1961Editorial Board, founding member, American Journal of Art Therapy
 [formerly the Bulletin of Art Therapy]
1959 - 1970Instructor, Arts in Therapies Program at the Turtle Bay Music School,
 New York, NY
1959 - 1974Instructor, New School for Social Research, New York, NY
1960 - 1963Initiated and conducted therapeutically oriented art program,
  Leak and Watts Children's Home, Yonkers, NY
1950 - 1957Initiated and conducted art therapy program at Wiltwyck School for Boys,
 New York, NY
1941 - 1944Machinist's Assistant; World War II Service
1938 - 1941Art and Shop teacher, Little Red School House, New York, NY
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